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HOA Management, Summit County Colorado

Phone: 970-513-5655

HM Enterprises

Security Checks

"Your home is your most precious resource..."

In-Home Inspection Service

Among the services we provide are security checks and in-home inspections of unoccupied units. In situations where your HOA has not already made arrangements for this service on behalf of all homeowners, you may contract for this service with WPM. We do not begin this service unless owners provide an individual key for their unit authorizing access and payment for this service. We do this out of respect for your right to privacy. If you would like Wildernest to perform security checks, or to be able to make repairs in case of an emergency, please drop off or send a copy of your key to Wildernest Operations.

The checks are done twice or four times a month and include checking the following: windows are closed and locked, the thermostat is functioning and set (per the requirements of the property), no appliances have been left on, and there are no obvious water leaks. Toilets are flushed and faucets run in the sinks, and small appliances are unplugged. If a problem requires owner attention, you will be notified. If you have signed up for the Repair & Maintenance Department's Pre-approval Program pre-authorizing small repairs without notifying you in advance, the work order will be initiated. A blue security log is placed in the unit, usually taped to the back of a kitchen cabinet, and the staff enters the date of the check and any necessary comments. If there is any sign that the unit is occupied, the staff will not enter the unit.