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HOA Management, Summit County Colorado

Phone: 970-513-5655

HM Enterprises

About HME

Our History & Mission

HM Enterprises (Previously Wildernest) has long been an industry leader in the Community Association Management field, having served with distinction Community Associations throughout Summit County for over 40 years.  Born from our mission to provide the highest caliber and most sought-after Community Association Management service available in the region, Wildernest is vertically integrated, professionally managed, and fully capable of providing all of the essential services that effective HOA Management requires. Wildernest was closely partnered with HM Enterprises and was a clear choice to take over the property management. You can recognize many of the same staff members of Wildernest and many HM employees are excited to join the team!

HM Enterprises (Previously Wildernest) manages 1 out of every 12 households in Summit County, including condo complexes, timeshares, single-family homes, and over 300 rental units. It is no accident that Wildernest has grown to become the most highly-regarded Community Association Management firm in Summit County and the largest firm of its type as well.  Wildernest's size (think economies of scale), purchasing power, and professional management often produce more value for the Community Associations that we manage than can be delivered by our competitors.  This is attributed to the wide range of in-house operations, such as HOA and accounting administration, 24/7 on-call service, and short- and long -erm lodging, all with a strong commitment to quality service demonstrated through surpassing the expectations of our guests and homeowners.